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Turn by Turn Directions

From Sacramento

Take US-50 E towards SOUTH LAKE TAHOE.
When you reach PLACERVILLE.
Take the BROADWAY Exit
Turn right onto BROADWAY. Follow until you hit T.
Turn right at T onto MOSQUITO Rd.
Follow MOSQUITO Rd. back around under US-50.
Turn left to stay on MOSQUITO Rd. ( Bus terminal will be on the left. )


From Lake Tahoe

Take US-50 W towards SACRAMENTO.
Take the MOSQUITO RD exit towards MAIN ST.


Directions once you are on MOSQUITO Rd. (there are road signs)

Follow MOSQUITO Rd. up to the stop sign about 1/2 mile - turn left. 

Continue up for about 3 miles and then turn left to continuue on MOSQUITO road. 

NOTE: At this left MOSQUITO Rd. will split away from the main road, If you miss this left thenyou will be on  UNION RIDGE RD. If you find youself on UNION RIDGE RD you'll have to backtrack.

Landmark: There are a cluster of signs. They say.

"Limited Width Bridge 6 Miles"
"Finnon Lake"
"Mosquito Rd"


Follow MOSQUITO RD. down into the canyon. The road will become a single lane country road. Very windy, be carefull.


You will cross the AMERICAN RIVER at the bottom of the canyon (it will be about 3 miles down to the bridge). The bridge  just allows one car at a time.  Proceed up the other side.(about another 3 miles up)


You will come to a Y in the road- Bear RIGHT at the Y. This will keep you on MOSQUITO RD. (Left is called MOSQUITO CUTOFF.)

MOSQUITO Rd. will reach a T. Dyer Lake will be in front of you. A White Farm house will be to the right. 

Turn Left at the T onto ROCK CREEK Rd.

Follow ROCK CREEK Rd. past the Airstrip on the right and Firestation on the left.

Turn right onto CLAIM St.( big blue and white house on right)

Follow CLAIM St. around the end of the Airstrip

Turn left at the Four way intersection onto SWANSBORO Rd.

Follow SWANSBORO Rd for about 1/2 mile.

SWANSBORO Rd will become a gravel road for 3/10 of a mile.

Turn Right into EverGreen Herb Gardens. The parking area is to the right.

Note: From Placerville it is about 11 miles to the gardens. Because the road is winding,  it takes about 30 minutes from Placerville

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