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Photo of Rev. Candis Cantin Kiriajes

About Rev. Candis Cantin Kiriajes

Rev. Candis Cantin Kiriajes has over 40+ years of practical experience as a counselor and a teacher of holistic lifestyle principles. She is the artist and co-creator of the Herbal Tarot Deck & Book Set and the author of the Pocket Guide to Ayurvedic Healing . Candis has been very active in teaching Integrative Herbology for over 39 years. Her main focus in teaching is to inspire the self-empowerment of the students and clients.

  • Holistic Health Minister

  • Gardener (over 40 years)

  • Director of EverGreen Herb Garden and School of Integrative Herbology

  • Former orofessional member of the American Herbalist Guild

  • Certified Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Practitioner


Professional Profile


Candis is an innovative, capable, well educated herbalist with experience in growing and processing herbs for medicinal use, well versed in wild plant identification, identifying dozens of herbs in the High Sierras and throughout the foothills of California as well as other states. She is notable for her capacity to teach in a way that makes the information accessible to the students and easily applied to their lives.



  • Senior Graduate from the East West School of Herbal Studies integrating Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal and healing practices. (1984)

  • Degree from the American Institute of Vedic Studies - specializing in Ayurvedic Medicine. (1994)

  • Self educated in Organic gardening and growing of herb since 1976.


  • Author of Pocket Guide to Ayurvedic Healing ( Crossing Press 1996)

  • Artist of The Herbal Deck - 78 botanical drawings done over a 2 year period. ( US Games - 1987)

  • Co-author with Michael Tierra - The Spirit of Herbs (US Games -1989)

  • Author of 600 page correspondence course integrating Western Herbology with Ayurveda. Also includes audio c/d's from lectures around the US.

  • Written over 200 articles for various magazines

  • Successfully manages EverGreen School and has written all the materia for the courses.

  • Was featured garden in Western Gardening Magazine and other magazines such as Home Garden

  • Was a featured garden in the book The Herbalist Garden (Storey Book Publications 2000)

  • Founding Member of the American Herbalist Guild ( 1989)

  • Traveled to Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia summers of 2003 and 2004 as a volunteer to teach Herbalism to the villages in the Tien Chen Mountains.


Additional Experience

Candis has taught in many other locations as well;

  • Dry Creek Herb Farm in Auburn for their apprenticeship programs

  • The California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville

  • Dandelion Herb School in Arcada

  • Hunter's Bar Healing Center in Sheffield, England

  • Northern California Women's Symposium

  • High Sierra Women's Retreat

  • She has taught at Breitenbush Herbal Gathering for several years.

  • Pacific NW Conference in Portland

  • North American Institute of Botanical Medicine with Paul Bergner

  • Sage Mountain Advanced program with Rosemary Gladstar in Vermont

  • Women's Herbal Conference in Peterboro, New Hampshire

  • EverGreen Herbal Studies program in Enfield New Hampshire

  • NE School of Acupuncture in White River Junction Vermont / clinical herbalism

  • East West program for 25 years with Michael Tierra/ teaching advance clinic as well as an integrative approach with Ayurveda and Chinese systems.

  • Advanced clinic and introductory courses at National Naturopathic College in Portland Oregon

  • Minneapolis Herbalist Guild in Minnesota - Constitutional medicine

  • American Herbalist Guild Conferences in various parts of the USA

  • Oak Valley Herb Farm in Nevada City

  • Avina Institute - Rockport Maine ( 3 year Community Herbalist program 2007)

  • Ohlone Herbal Center Berkeley CA


Other Activities


Candis gardens regularly and continues to read and research the area of herbs and holistic health. She has had an active clinic since 1984 and has seen hundreds of clients over the years. Her experience and practical advice is a gift that she brings to her clients, students and family.

Candis has helped to set up the Herb Gardens at Soil Born Farm in Sacramento, an organic non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean food for the community and for educating people about this. Candis teaches at Soil Born Farms locations, in Sacramento and at there farm in Rancho Cordova.

Candis has also been teaching at the Sacramento Natural Food Coop since 1989 and has written the herb article for the co-op Reporter since 1989 as well.


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