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2023 Classes, Courses and Herb Walks

Join Candis and learn Western Herbology while integrating it with the systems of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine.  Offering self paced courses and in person training.


The Home Study Correspondence Course includes all material in the Integrative Herbology Beginning Program (Part 1) and the Intermediate Integrative Herbology Study Program (Part 2) taught at our school.

Course Details

Family Herbalist Course Beginning at EverGreen Herb Garden 2023


  • April 1

  • May 6

  • June 3

  • July 8

  • August 5

10am – 4:30pm

Cost: Donation of $450 for all the classes plus material

First payment of $150 required to reserve your space in the course.
Paymentt plan option available.  Cancellation Fee: $25 fee for
cancellations and no refunds after April 1 st .

Teacher: Candis Cantin
All classes will be held at EverGreen Herb Garden outside of Placerville CA. The August class will be a High Sierra Plant ID hike.

Join Candis and her team in learning the basics of Western Herbology while integrating it with the systems of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine. This six month course will include medicine-making, plant ID, how to treat acute ailments, use of tonic herbs and food for strengthening vitality, as well as how to harvest local herbs for medicine. You will learn about your own constitutional needs and ways to balance yourself for better health and wellbeing. This program will include herb walks around the gardens and a High Sierra Hike. There will be lots of tasting, smelling, and hands-on experience with the herbs!

  • Introduction to Herbal Medicine and your Ayurvedic Constitution

  • Making Herbal Medicine and Identifying Plants in the Garden and Wild Places

  • Continuing our Integration of Western Herbology and Ayurveda

  • Herbs and Food for Good Digestion

  • Herbs for Calming and Strengthening the Nerves

  • Tonic Herbs for Rejuvenation and Rebuilding of Vitality

High Sierra Herb Walks 2023

Time: 10am - 5pm approximately
Suggested Donation:
Call (530) 626-9288 to register

Teacher: Candis Cantin

We will be hiking Either at Carson Pass Highway 88 / or CAPLES LAKE depending on the snow pack. Candis will be in touch with the participants as to we will meet. Both
places are on hwy 88 just 3 miles from each other Join Candis for this all day event identifying medicinal herbs in the High Country. We will be seeing at least 30 different
medicinal plant and discussing their use and preparations. We will stop for lunch along the lake. This hike is not for anyone who has knee or back problems, elevation sensitivity, heart conditions, severely impaired vision, high blood pressure or anything else that might cause problems when hiking over 8000'. You will need to bring a
hat, sunscreen, hiking shoes, lunch, water, snacks, writing pad. I will be giving a very extensive handout to the participants.



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