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herbs in wooden bowl imageWelcome to the EverGreen Herb Garden and the EverGreen Wholistic Ministry. We provide an inspiring setting for the study of herbology, how take care of one another in a mindful, loving way and how to honor the healing plants of our Earth. Our integrative approach incorporates Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese systems of herbal treatment. We are dedicated to educating people using holistic principles that honor the body, mind, and spirit. These principles empower the person with the informed awareness needed for making their own health care decisions.

At 2500 feet, our gardens reflect four seasons of beauty. The Winter garden is quiet and the trees are bare, most plants are dormant. But by February we start seeing the hundreds of bulbs that have been planted here making their way up, the violets begin to bloom and the camellias have buds and flowers opening. By May the gardens are in full swing and have fully awakened from their winter slumber to such glory. April, May and June are the most colorful. The smells of the flowers and trees are so healing! The late summer, August and September, is the hardest time for the plants with the dry weather and heat - but with mulching and watering the gardens maintain their late summer loveliness.

As we enter our 31st year here at EverGreen, we are grateful for the family, friends and the many students who continue to support the teachings of the healing plant medicine and their message of how we are all interconnected to the Earth and the Life Force that surrounds us. In these changing times it seems imperative to strengthen our Vital Force with right lifestyles, adequate sleep, nourishing foods and tonic herbs, prayer and gratitude so we can live fully and be creative in life.

We will be giving High Sierra Herb Walks again this year to help people identify the local medicinal plants available in the High County. These walks are very popular and are great fun to attend. Last summer we hiked about 4 miles along the north edge of Caples Lake off highway 88 at 7500' and found dozens of wonderful plants. We also hiked the Carson Pass trail which has a breathtaking view of Round Top which is 10,300' above sea level s well as other wonderful trails.



After almost 30 years of teaching the herbal healing ways Rev. Candis Cantin Kiriajes is going to take a year sabbatical.

She is going to spend her time in the garden and live a more contemplative life.

Here is part of Psalm 103 that is inspiring to her and is full of gratitude and awe for all creation.

"Oh Creator, You make green pastures for the cattle and food-plants for the service of mankind, so that bread may be drawn from the earth, and wine that gladdens the heart of all; so that oil may put a gleam on our face, and that bread may strengthen our hearts. The trees of the plane shall be satisfied, the cedars of Lebanon that he planted. Sparrows shall build their nests in them, herons shall call them their home. To the deer belong the high mountains; to the rodents, the shelter of the rock.

You have made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows the time of its setting. You establish darkness, and it is night, wherein forest creatures prowl. Young lions roar for their prey, and call out to God for their meat. As the sun rises, they will come together, and lay themselves down in their dens. Man will go out to his labor and work until eventide.

How great are your works, O Creator! In wisdom you have wrought them all. The earth is filled with your creatures, even the wide and open sea. Within it are countless creeping things, living beings small and large. Upon it there are ships a-sailing, and the great beast you made to have fun. All of them look to you to give them their food in due season. You provide and they gather up; you open your hand, and they are full. You hide your face and they cringe; you suspend their breath, and they die and return to their dust. You send forth our breath, and they live; you renew the face of the earth."

It is important that we all stay in a state of awareness about our lives, and try to leave as light of a foot print as possible upon the earth; she is carrying a great burden from all that we are trying to wrest from her.

Please say your prayers for the Earth and all creation.

Many blessings to all and hope to see you at one of our events. Remember, we will still be going to the High Country with Candis and the Home Study program is available as well.

~ Staff and Ministers of EverGreen

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