Greeting to all of you from Evergreen Herb Garden!!!

In this new year we are offering many classes to help you to integrate the healing herbs to your life.

Visit our web site for detailed class information and dates for herb walks. There are also informative articles for you to read..

Roots of Herbalism Program/ Advanced Program

This six month program integrates Ayurveda, Chinese and Western herbalism. It is designed for those who have the basics of Herbology and want to deepen their understanding of Herbalism and applying it in a clinical setting. This program will include an herb walk along the Pacific crest trail in July where we will id over 25 medicinal plants in the high country.

Roots of Herbalism Beginning Program at Soil Born Farm

Learn the basics of Western Herbology while integrating it with the Ayurvedic philosophy. Soil Born farms will be hosting this program where Candis has helped create a beautiful herb garden. There will be a field trip on the last class to EverGreen Herb Garden as well to experience the beauty and healing gardens in Placerville.
3000 Hurley Way
Sacramento CA

Food and Herbs for Rejuvenation

Come and experience the strengthening and revitalizing herbs that have been used for thousands of years throughout herbal history.
Sacramento Coop at 1919 Alhambra Blvd
Call Sac Coop at 916-445-2667 to register

6:30pm – 8:30 pm Wednesday February 20th, 2008

Costa Rican Herbal Adventures

Do you want to Study Herbs in an exotic location? Come join Candis Cantin and Jill Ruttenberg at the beautiful retreat center in Costa Rica!! Look at the web site or call Jill at 866-659-3805 for details.

July 3- 7, 2008

Tibet and China Herbal Adventure

Join Candis Cantin and Vendantin Luo on their adventures to herbal healers of Tibet and China. This 10 day trip will filled with great food, comfortable accommodations and herbal wonders. Meet Tibetan and Chinese herbal healers as well as study herbs and yoga with Candis and Vendantin.
Email Ventantin at for details.

August 18 - 28th, 2008

The Gardens