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Western Herbalist's Use of Ayurveda in the Clinic - Page 5


Pitta is the biological fire humor or bile. It means "that which digests things" or "to heat, cook or transform". It is our power to digest the food we eat. It is also responsible for our power to digest our life experiences, our mental digestion, and our capacity to perceive reality. It is our fire and enthusiasm in life, our joy and laughter. Negatively expressed it is unhealthy competition, anger and control.

Pitta governs:
  • hunger
  • thirst
  • luster
  • complexion
  • softness of the body
  • digestion
  • body heat
  • visual perception
  • mental perception
  • discriminating awareness
  • penetrating thought

Pitta rules the emotions of:
  • laughter
  • joy
  • will power
  • enthusiasm
  • anger
  • competition
  • judgment
  • critical-ness
  • courage

Pitta's main locations are:
  • the small intestine
  • the stomach as digestive acids
  • the blood
  • the eyes
  • in sweat
  • the sebaceous glands *
  • Its main site is the small intestines
* - glands which supply oil for the hair and skin

The light and heat in the body and mind are governed by Pitta. Our inner fires help to combust materials which then give forth warmth and color.

  • hot
  • sharp
  • flowing
  • light
  • liquid
  • oily
  • spreading
  • smooth
  • aggressive

  • transformation
  • adult years
  • metabolism *
  • sour / pungent (spicy) tastes
  • noon hours and midnight hours
  • late spring and summer (hot, bright season)
* The burning and changing of a substance from one form to another

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