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Western Herbalist's Use of Ayurveda in the Clinic - Page 3


Earth    represents solid form of matter. The earth is considered the crystallized manifestation of consciousness. Ayurvedically speaking, the molecules of the physical world are solidified consciousness. In humans all the solid structures of the body, bones, cartilage, teeth, nails, hair and skin are composed of the earth element. In the mind the earth element is responsible for our feelings of stability, groundedness and solidity.

Water     represents liquid form of matter. In a poetic way of looking at this, the warmth and heat of fire melts consciousness thus creates water. In other words, water is liquefaction of consciousness. In the body the water principle exists as plasma, saliva, nasal secretion, sweat, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and other moist components. In the mind it exists as feelings of compassion, faith, love and devotion.

Fire    represents radiant form of matter. Air creates movement and thus creates friction which in turn creates heat. In the body the heat or fire is our body temperature and our capacity to digest our food as well as our life experiences. The fire element is responsible for digestion, absorption and assimilation. In the mind it is our ability to understand, comprehend and realize. We can perceive the world around us because of the fire in our eyes that digests the visions they take in. We can see the soul of a person by the light and fire in the eyes.

Air    represents gaseous form of matter. It is the movement of consciousness. It is subtle movement through space. It is the air in our world and in the body it is the nerve and sensory impulses. Our breathing, sense of touch and movement are all governed by the air principle. The movement of our thoughts and ideas are also governed by the air principle.

Ether    represents space, the expansion of consciousness, and is all enclosing. Each of the body cells contain space. We as humans need space to live. Without space there would be no communication between cells. The space in our mind is the place where we encompass love and compassion.

Each part of our body and mind partake in the five elements. They all work and dance with one another to create the life around us.

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